shutterstock_32547637Our name is derived from the Latin word for a fortified encampment built to watch over and protect the people in a community.   Castellum Development, Inc is committed to helping you build a customized ‘castellum’ to address today’s ever-changing public safety needs.

Castellum Development, LLC is an independent research and solutions company for commercial, government and public customers.  We provide management and training consultation.


Our corporate philosophy is rooted in the principles of community policing – strategic partnerships and intelligent organizational design will lead to effective problem solving.  In order to maximize public safety and protection, a foundational partnership must be formed between all entities within a given community.  Our team of experts at Castellum Development, LLC have extensive knowledge of private, governmental, and corporate research and training solutions that focus on community involvement to create a safer society.


Castellum Development, Inc specializes in these areas to meet the needs of our residential, commercial, and governmental clients:

  • Technology Development for Simulations Training
  • Training Simulation Systems Rental & Leasing
  • Management and Leadership Support Services
  • Crime prevention analysis
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments for executive protection
  • Emergency planning and response Consultation
  • Public Safety Training & Consultation
  • Community Consultation and Training Development


Castellum Development, LLC upholds the highest level of professional and personal integrity.  We maintain a strict code of confidentiality between the Castellum Development team and our clients. All information and recommendations to our clients are held confidentially as allowed by law.