three-home_r2_c1Home or Community Threat Analysis . – Don’t be a victim in your own home! Let our team of law enforcement and security professionals help you maximize your home defense with a personalized security survey.

Our team will assess and analyze the threats to your community or private residence.  We will identify physical deterrents that will enhance your home defense and provide the tools and techniques to feel safe in your own home.

We will develop a personalized residential solution that addresses the following:

  • Access  points
  • Lighting
  • Landscape
  • Habitual  activities
  • Alarm systems

 Places & People that would benefit

  • Homeowner associations
  • Community groups
  • Private home owners
  • Landlords

shutterstock_28092670Business Threat Analysis

Castellum Development helps businesses understand their security threats, and therefore maximize their security resources.  Our team can help you determine if your business truly needs measures like an armed security guard or a robust alarm system.  We aim to reduce your security costs through a personalized evaluation at your business.  We will use our law enforcement experience and executive protection experience to develop a security plan to reduce your security threats and improve your crime deterrence.

Our unique blend of subject matter experts provide a superior perspective for business consulting.  We evaluate and develop a plan that will mitigate your security risks on every budget.  We also provide contract services to fill temporary positions in your agency.  Our contractors are skilled law enforcement professionals and cleared through an extensive background investigation process.

Place of Worship Threat Analysis

Castellum Development believes in low cost solutions to your unique security needs.   Churches and places of worship are often unable to address security concerns due to limited monetary or manpower resources.  At Castellum Development, we understand these limitations and we have developed a simple, cost-effective security plan that can be adapted to ensure the safety of each congregation.

Items to consider in a place of worship:

  • Training: Are members of your staff/lay-workers prepared to handle security threats?
  • Communication: Who coordinates and communicates security issues to the staff?
  • Child Safety: Are safeguards in place for children’s ministry, including pick-up and drop-off ?
  • Planning:  Do you have a plan in place to respond to mass disasters or events that model the National Incident Management System (NIMS)?

These are just a few items each place of worship should consider.  For a more detailed assessment and evaluation of your current security needs, please contact us.  The safety and security of your place of woship should not wait.